Our Story

The New World in Automotive Commerce

The idea to build a car-selling platform was born from a personal experience our co-founder, Alex, encountered while trying to sell his used car. He received low offers at almost every dealer he went to, both offline and online. In between the 1st dealer and 8th dealer, there was a price difference of $6,000. Selling cars isn’t easy; and the current process has several challenges.

Selling Cars Made Simple

Thus, the journey of Swap Motors began – a platform for car owners to sell used cars for a better price and without having to do it by themselves. Swap Motors does everything that needs to be done to facilitate selling used cars. Our goal is to help bring the value to where it belongs... YOU.

When we say we take care of everything, we really mean everything. Behind the scenes we have our team of experienced automotive specialists, operational experts and technology enthusiasts that enable us to bring you the best car-selling experience where you get more money for your car in less time at your convenience.

Selling cars made simple