Verified Cars From Verified Sellers

Price: Less than Dealer Retail
Save money by buying directly from the vehicle owners.
Tax Savings
Enjoy tax benefits since you're buying the car directly from the vehicle owner.
Verified Sellers & Cars
We verify the sellers and evaluate the cars, so you can buy with confidence! No surprises
Financing & GAP Insurance
Need to finance your vehicle or purchase GAP Insurance? You can do it all within your dashboard.
Comprehensive Vehicle Information
Get info on each vehicle - including condition reports, history reports, prices, photos and videos.
Extended Warranty
Explore multiple extended warranty options and purchase directly through your Dashboard.
Driving is Believing
Request a test drive straight from the Dashboard to meet the seller, ask questions and take the vehicle for a spin.
Close the Deal Conveniently
Meet the seller and transact at our Swap Center OR a location of your choice using your mobile devices.
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