Frequently Asked Questions. And Answers.

Buying with Swap Motors

No. It’s free to buy a car from the Swap Motors Marketplace. We do charge fees for optional services as listed here:

Yes! We offer financing through banks and credit unions, to provide the best financing options available. Financing is available for every car listed in the Swap Motors marketplace. Review options directly on your Dashboard, get pre-qualified in real-time to determine your buying power and shop with confidence!

Swap Motors is not a lender, but we work with trusted partners to ensure you get the best financing options available. All financing plans are subject to the terms and conditions of the lender.

Because it’s simple, secure and saves you money! We verify sellers and provide a platform for them to be completely transparent about their vehicles.

When you buy from a private seller you save with tax benefits too. We guide both you and the seller through everything from messaging each other to the title transfer process and answer any questions you may have about the paperwork. Financing options, GAP insurance and extended warranty plans can be included directly through your Dashboard.

Our Dashboard offers buyers the option to purchase an extended warranty on qualifying vehicles. All extended warranties are offered from trusted partners and are subject to their terms and conditions.

Sweet! Now, just connect with the seller to set up a test drive or ask any questions you have about the vehicle. You can connect with the seller directly through the Dashboard and you don’t have to provide any personal details (such as phone number or email) if you don’t want to. If you haven’t already set up an account, you’ll need to do that before you can message each other.

The seller is reviewing your offer. The seller may Accept, Reject, or Counter your offer. Stay tuned and keep an eye on your Dashboard, we’ll send you alerts when they respond.

Only registered dealers are able to participate in our live dealer auctions.

Swap Centers are our facilities where we evaluate cars and provide a safe space for buyers and sellers to close a deal. We understand that buying and selling a car is a big deal – so we’re here to help you along through the entire process.

Selling with Swap Motors

Swap Motors helps you sell your car yourself, which means there’s no one to split the profits with so you get the full value for your car. We offer two options for sellers; choose the one that best fits your timeline:

  • List your car in our Marketplace:

    List your car in our online marketplace. Connect with the right buyer and transact through our trusted platform to get paid securely.

  • Sell it NOW in our Online Auction

    List your car in our online auction and just days later – watch 1000s of registered dealers bid on your car. We make the whole process transparent and easy. We evaluate your car and guide you through the paperwork. When your car sells, we facilitate vehicle handover and get you paid – simple as that!

  • List it in our Marketplace:

    No, we don’t charge any fees for listing your car in our marketplace. Additionally, we advertise your car on major car-listing websites for free. We do charge some fees for lien payoff fees as listed here:

  • Sell it NOW in our Online Auction

    We charge a flat success fee if your car is sold through our online auction based on the value of your car. You only pay the fee once your car is sold.

Car ValueSwap Motor's Fee
Below $1,000$349
$1,001 - $5,000$349
$5,001 - $10,000$449
$10,001 - $20,000$549
$20,001 - $30,000$649
$30,001 - $40,000$749
$40,001 - $50,000$849
$50,001 - $60,000$949
$60,001 - $70,000$1049
$70,001 - $80,000$1149
$80,001 - $90,000$1249
$90,001 - $100,000$1349
Above $100,000$1449

After the car is inspected by a Swap technician and is ready for auction, you will be asked to read and agree to the terms and conditions before we start the bidding process. Once you agree to the starting price and our terms and conditions – you make a commitment for selling your car.

Yes! We’ll assist you to work with your lender to help with the payoff and the title-transfer process.

We’ve prepared a list of tips for maximizing your selling potential.

Don’t worry, our technicians take photos for you. We’ll capture detailed photos and video of your car during the evaluation. We know that photos can make or break an ad for buyers. For this reason, we encourage sellers to have their cars evaluated at our location where we have great lighting and photo equipment.

Relax, we’ll write it for you. Spend your time doing something more fun! When you say buying and selling cars made simple, we mean it! We write the description for your listing based on the year, make, model, mileage, CARFAX® report, and all the technical information. Be sure to let us know details that make your car valuable and unique (i.e. new tires, aftermarket stereo) and we’ll be sure it’s captured in the description accordingly.

  • List it in our Marketplace:

    If you’re listing your car in our marketplace, we’ll suggest the listing price for you to approve. We use proprietary techniques and industry standards to determine a listing price to get you the most for your car. Listing prices exclude government fees and taxes, finance charges, registration and titling fees, regulatory and electronic processing charges.

  • Sell it NOW in our Online Auction

    If you’re listing your car in our dealer auction, we’ll suggest the initial price for you to approve. The initial price is determined using current market rates, industry standards and our own secret sauce! We set the initial price so it attracts dealers to bid and keep bidding! Once you approve the initial price, watch dealers fight for your car during our live auction.

Providing your driver’s license helps us verify your identity. Plus, it will help us fill in more information about you to save you some typing later. Any information you provide is secure and subjected to our privacy policy.

  • List it in our Marketplace:

    Once you’ve listed your car for sale, interested buyers will message you directly through the digital Dashboard. Any email communication from Swap Motors about the sale of your car will come from ( If you have a tough spam filter, you might want to consider adding this contact into your address book so you don’t miss any messages from us.

  • Sell it NOW in our Online Auction

    Cars are auctioned on set days. You will receive a message for when your car is being auctioned, so you can view the auction through the Dashboard. Watch 1000s of dealers fight for your car live!

Stay in communication with the buyer. Once both parties have completed their to-do’s, meet the buyer to close deal. You can meet the buyer at our Swap Center or at a location of your choice. You will receive step-by-step instructions through the Dashboard walking you through next steps.


  • Sold via our Marketplace:

    If you sold your car to a private buyer through our marketplace and have completed all of the sale related tasks in the Dashboard, you can simply hand the keys over to the buyer.
    You can close the deal with the buyer by meeting him/her at our Swap Center or at a location that you and buyer decide.

  • Sold via Online Auction

    If you sold your car through our dealer auction, we'll facilitate the handover and get you paid.

  • List it in our Marketplace:

    Yes! We would love to meet you! Our locations are staffed with SWAP AGENTS who will assist in closing the transaction onsite. You are not in this alone, we are here to assist and provide support throughout the entire process.

  • Sell it NOW in our Online Auction

    If you are listing your car on our dealer auction, everything is done virtually, since 1000s of registered dealers are actively bidding on your car from their location. But you’re still welcome to stop by and visit us! Bring tacos!

Yes, you can. We will match and verify the information, ask for additional information if required and obtain ALL necessary approvals from both the parties to ensure everything is accurate, legit, and authorized beforehand. We do this to prevent fraud.

About Swap Motors

Swap Motors is a platform that makes buying and selling cars simple. We provide a trusted and secure platform that’s not only easy to use – but also maximizes your value and saves you time. Either browse our marketplace to find your dream car or list your car for sale or auction in just a few clicks.

No, Swap Motors is not a dealership. Think of us as a helper. We connect private parties who want to buy or sell a car and help them transact securely. By connecting evaluated buyers directly to verified sellers, we ensure you get the maximum value for your car and help you transact in a safe and trusted manner.

For now, Swap Motors is only available in the Chicagoland area. Sign up for our email updates and visit our Facebook page to let us know you want Swap Motors in your city.

Questions about selling your car?