Under The Hood

Experience a whole new way of selling used cars online.

Selling Cars Made Simple - we’re excited to announce the full-service launch of Swap Motors in the Chicago metropolitan area. Car owners can now sell their vehicles on our website SwapMotors.com directly to hundreds of end dealers.

Time is the most important factor when you decide to sell your car. Often, driving dealer-to-dealer or trade-ins is the first thing one would do, in search of the best price that one is hopeful of getting for their used car. However, dealers like to haggle. Local classified ads would require dealing with strangers and the entire process is time-consuming and has become increasingly unsafe. 

Swap Motors makes your car-selling process easy, convenient and hassle-free. 

• Register your car at SwapMotors.com

• Setup a time for on-site inspection

• Have our team take photos & videos of your car

• Sit back and relax while we auction your car to 100s of dealers