Under The Hood

Ways you can “bump up” resale value of your used car

Has the thought of treating yourself to a new car crossed your mind? Well, if it did, you need to sell your used car and you should be looking at getting as much value for it, so it can contribute to funding your new ride. It all starts with doing your “due diligence” by getting the details of your car right, so your prospective buyers know and understand your car as much as you do.

Here’s how you can:

1. Pretty as a picture

LOOKS certainly matter! So before you take a picture of your used car to put it up online or sell it elsewhere, make sure your car is looking fabulous. Pictures will make the right first impression on potential buyers. See the example below of some exterior and interior shots you should be taking:

2. Looking good, feeling great

It’s not enough that your car just looks good, you need to make sure it feels good too. Have it checked and tested by a mechanic before you’re ready to sell it. Keep a copy of the summary report ready for potential buyers to assess the condition. Get the car cleaned and detailed so that it leaves a good impression when they take it for a test drive. After all, your used car should be worth the price you’re asking for it.

3. Keep your papers in order

Keep all your papers in order and ready. Car selling can be tricky business and people like to be sure before they make an investment that big, so you can be sure they will ask for all the documents they can think of. Service history and maintenance records, warranty and certification reports, insurance documents, and original window sticker. If you’re able to present all the papers beforehand, you’re maximizing your chances of selling your used car, and for the price it deserves.

4. Set the right price

Your car could be in the best condition but pre-owned, it can only fetch you so much. Remember, market retail of your car is different from the actual value, depending on how “good” or “bad” your car is. Vehicle history and condition are key parameters that will determine the price of your car.

If you’re trading in your car or selling to a dealership, the price could be significantly lower since dealers have overheads and other costs that they incur. If you’re selling it privately, this is where you could get a fair price for it since you’re transacting with the potential customer directly. 

Still unsure what you could get for your car? We recommend taking your car to one or two dealerships near to you and see what offers you can get, so you get an estimate of it’s worth.

Your love for your car always shows in its upkeep and how you present it when you want to sell car. However, don’t oversell it to the buyer. It not only makes you look desperate but also leaves an impression that there might be something wrong with your car!

Don’t intend to do the “selling” part by yourself?

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