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Swap Motors is 2017 Moxie Awards Finalist - Help us WIN the Award!

Thank you for your support in helping Swap Motors get nominated for the 2017 Moxie Awards.

We're happy to announce that Swap Motors has been selected as a finalist for a Moxie in Best Consumer Web Startup category. The 2017 Moxie Awards celebrate the best of the best in Chicago tech, recognizing entrepreneurs and companies. We're proud and honored for this, especially this early in our journey. Gives us an immense boost.

The final Moxie Awards' winners are selected based on a combination of public voting and judges'. Public votes contribute to 50%.

Swap Motors needs your help to being home a Moxie.

All you need to do it, simply vote for Swap Motors to win the 2017 Moxie Award for Best Consumer Web Startup.

Here's how you can:

  • Click here
  • Enter your email
  • Select "Swap Motors" in Best Consumer Web Startup section
  • Scroll further down on the same page & click on "VOTE"

We appreciate your help. Thank you.