Under The Hood

Explained: Selling your Used Car with Swap Motors

Selling a car with Swap Motors is easy and convenient. Easy, because we do the work for you – from evaluating your car to taking pictures & video – we list your car for sale in our Marketplace. And it’s convenient because you’re not driving from dealer to dealer, searching for the best deal. Swap Motors eliminates all the middlemen, while helping you maximize the value of your car.

In this article, we explain Swap Motors’ selling process so you can get familiarized, and know what to expect from it.

Time vs Money

Decide how you want to sell your car  Swap Motors offer two options for selling your car. You can either list your car in our marketplace and have private buyers make offers on your car, or you can auction yor car in our live online dealer auction for an even faster sale.  You will likely earn more money by selling your car to a private buyer through our Marketplace, however your car will sell much faster if you auction it through our dealer auction. You decide what option suits your needs best – you are in control. (Below image: Selling Options screen)


Provide details about your car

To list your car in our Marketplace, register your vehicle and create a profile. It takes two minutes to register your car and complete your account verification. Once you’re in the Dashboard, you would be asked to provide any relevant information pertaining to your vehicle – loan information, vehicle documents etc. (Below image example: Vehicle details screen)


Schedule an evaluation

Swap Motors evaluates each car listed on our platform. Should you choose to list your car in our marketplace, our technicians take photos and videos of your car, assess the condition of your car, create a condition report detailing the features of your car, and we create the listing for you – at no charge to you! The purpose of the evaluation is to educate you about the condition of your car, and provide prospective buyers an assessment of the car prior to their inspection and test drive. You sign off on your condition report to ensure you’re satisfied with how we’ve described the condition of your car.

If you decide to place your car on our online dealer auction, the evaluation is more detailed and thorough. Dealers bid on and purchase cars sight unseen, thus we provide additional details so they can understand the condition of the car and bid accordingly.

Our evaluations are done at our Swap Centers, or our technicians will come to you.  Feel free to schedule an evaluation through your Dashboard at your convenience. (Below image: Sample summary of the evaluation report)


Communicate with buyers

Buyers and sellers never have to share personal information like personal email addresses and phone numbers with each other if they don’t want to. All actions related to communication between the buyer and sellers, questions/responses, setting up test drives, sending/receiving offers, can be performed on the Dashboard. (Below image: Dashboard and Offer screens)


Schedule a test drive

Most people want to see and drive a car before they buy it. This is your opportunity to build trust with the potential buyer and get them excited about your ride. You can schedule test drives through the Dashboard at a location of your choice, and at a time that’s convenient for you.


Review paperwork

Our platform provides step-by-step instructions and the necessary paperwork you will need to complete a successful transaction. We include detailed instructions on transferring title, completing a bill of sale, and registering the car with the DMV once the sale is completed. We literally walk you through the entire process and are standing by to answer any questions throughout the process.

Receive your payment

If you sell your car through our Marketplace, the buyer pays you directly. We work with you and the buyer to facilitate loan payoffs (if applicable) and walk all parties through the transaction process.    If you sell your car through our dealer auction, we get you the payment as quick as possible after your car is sold. However, it depends on a couple of things:    If you don’t have an outstanding loan: The process is quicker – transfer the title to the new owner, receive your payment - and we arrange to have your car picked-up.    If you do have an outstanding loan: We work with your lender to facilitate the pay-off and title-transfer – which could take additional time depending on how quickly the lender acts. Once we have the title in hand, you receive your payment - and we facilitate the vehicle handover.

A happy experience!

If at any point you are confused or worried about the process, don’t hesitate to contact the Swap Motors Support Team. You can chat with us from within our platform, email us at help@SwapMotors.com or call us at 312.650.7727.

Ready to sell your car? Let’s get started.