Under The Hood

5 No-Brainer Reasons To Use A Swap Center

1) One Stop Shop Service 

Normally when you purchase a vehicle from a private seller, your next steps go like this: Upon paying the seller, you get the title transferred over to you. Before you can legally drive on public roads, you must go straight to your SOS office,  where you will likely wait for hours in line before you get to register the vehicle and receive your plates.

Legally, you can drive without plates for 24 hours after purchasing a vehicle- and if you have to wait longer than this to get permanent plates, then you must get a temporary registration permit, which is available from a remitter agent, currency exchange, tag agent, or SOS office. 

Swap Motors eliminates all of that hassle. Due to our partnership with CVR, when you close the deal at one of our Swap Centers, there's no need to visit the DMV. That's right, Swap Motors is a one stop shop! We take care of titling, registration, plates and taxes all at the same time. If this sounds like a new concept in private party vehicle sales, that's because it is! You can't get a service like this anywhere else. 

2) Safe 

While we take great care to verify the identity of every buyer and seller on the Swap Motors platform, we understand that people still have reservations about meeting strangers in a parking lot.

Whether you're scheduling a test drive, have vehicle questions you'd like answered in person, or are looking to close the deal on your transaction, you get peace of mind when you do these things at a Swap Center knowing that one of our friendly staff members will be there to assist you. Did we mention that our Swap Centers come stocked with refreshments? 

3) Speedy Vehicle Evaluations 

Why wait for Swap Motors to come to you? When you do your vehicle evaluation at a Swap Center, you can get your vehicle evaluation done on your schedule, at your convenience. Plus with our indoor facility, you won't have to worry about the weather getting in the way! 

In addition, we conduct evaluations on a 360 elevated platform, which makes it easier for our technicians to assess and inspect your vehicle. Easier evaluations translate to faster ones. As cool as our Swap Centers are, we know you want to get on with your day! 

4) Better Listing Pictures 

When you take vehicle pictures outside, you are at the mercy of the weather, and the lightning conditions that nature provides. Don't let long shadows or a rainy day take away from the attractiveness of your ride. 

Our Swap Center vehicle photo booth provides optimal lightning conditions, and will make your listing pictures and videos look more professional. 

5) End To End Assistance 

Forget about the bank and DMV. Your title, registration, new license plate, and taxes are all handled at our Swap Center. And if you have any questions about paperwork along the way, we're here to assist you! 

In addition, we will soon be offering financing, extended warranties and GAP insurance add ons for buyers. It doesn't get much better than that!