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Car Selling Failures – What Happens When You Want To Sell Car?

There’s no one reason you need to sell your car. You might be moving to a new place; or you’re upgrading to a bigger car; or you’re just plain bored with what you have because you’ve had it for a while and you want to sell it.

Once you’ve decided to let go of your trusty car, is when the real hurdles come your way. Selling a car isn’t easy, because finding a buyer that understands your car and its price isn’t easy as well. There’s hassle and haggle, and you end up driving dealer to dealer for the best price. Multiple places online available for selling cars only make your experience that much more complicated. Which is why, we’ve narrowed down a few car selling failures for you to ponder over before you decide to sell your car and have a question, “how to sell car?”

Hopefully these will help you chose the right platform for selling and get you the right deal too when you want to sell car!

Selling cars on classifieds: Would you trust someone you don’t know?

This is one of the most traditional methods to sell anything. You post an ad, put in all the information in the most concise way and wait for a call. But over the years more and more people seem to be daunted by the nature of these ads and with valid reasoning.  

Even if you get a call from someone, how do you know if you can trust them (read: stranger danger)? Sometimes, people call seeming interested and don’t show up. Other times, you get the call you’ve been waiting for and person at the other end seems very interested too, but they want to make a deal for a third of the price you’re looking to get! It’s hard to judge the legitimacy of these buyers, which is possibly why platforms like these have more sellers looking to sell cars than buyers wanting to buy.

Private sale: How long would you wait?

To avoid the hassle that comes with used car selling, many people consider only letting out the news to family, friends and colleagues. While this is the easy way out, there are a bunch of problems that come with going about things this way.

Your friends or family might take their own time to decide on whether they actually want the car or not. Due to the personal relationship you share with them you can’t hurry them into taking a decision, even if you don’t have that kind of time. You may end up waiting a significant amount of time only to realise that the deal may not materialise at all.

Trading in: Are you sure you’re getting the right price?

Since it is such a hassle to sell used cars, many people prefer to trade in their used cars for a new car. You can get a discount on the new car but you can be certain you won’t get your used car’s worth. Trade-ins often devalue your car and you end up getting much less than what your car might actually be worth. Not to forget that you’re driving dealer to dealer, spending significant time.

Time and convenience: Do you have enough time?

If you have a busy schedule it may becoming taxing to answer calls and set up appointments to meet with potential buyers that you may come across. You might have to end up taking time off from work or miss spending time with your family. Since this isn’t viable for either of the parties buyers may contact on your time off as well, which means you’ll be dishing out details of your car or showing it to people round the clock. But, it’s unlikely that you would sell your used car in this case.

How to sell car and avoid these problems?

With technology advancements within the automotive industry, selling cars is now easy. All you need to do is, register your car information online and have the rest of selling taken care for you. Yes, can relax at the comfort of your home and sell used cars. Swap Motors is one such marketplace that allows you to do that.

Here’s how:

• After you register your car information on SwapMotors.com, which takes less time than you take to finish the drink of coffee, you schedule a date for inspection.

• A certified-mechanic visits you to do a multi-point inspection, takes professional photos and video of your car.

• Swap Motors then lists your car for sale where 100s of dealers fight for it in an auction.

• You get the cash, car gets picked up and that’s it.

You don’t have to leave the house when you want to sell your car. There is no point negotiating with people offering you a price that doesn’t even come close to cutting your budget. With these pointers to watch out for, you now know how to sell a used car efficiently!