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Selling your car? There’s a good time for that!

If there is anything else that is as important as the price you’re selling your car for, it is when you choose to do it. There are a few windows across the year that you can choose. Opting to sell car during this time can influence the price you would get and the number of customers you’re attracting too!

The best time to sell a car depends on a number of factors. Let’s take a look at them all:

Seasonal changes

When the weather changes, so does the temperament of people. During the onset of the winters, it irks most people to stand out and wait for public transportation in the biting cold. This is when they readily consider buying their own car and are open to options like buying used cars.

Similarly, during the summers, people get tired of travelling in buses as they can seem quite suffocating.

Consider selling your car when the season changes and you’ll have a good number of sure-shot buyers ready to pay the price you’re asking for!

Holiday spirit

During the holidays, everyone is looking to switch things up in a bid to make the coming days seem better. A great many people are looking to buy their loved ones things that they will not only love but that will also be of great use to them.

This is a great time to put out an ad for your car and for selling cars online. People on the lookout for one will find it much easier to contact you.

Before college starts

Students who will start college as freshman might suddenly need cars to get around town. So the beginning of the semester is also the best time to sell a car. Most students cannot afford to buy a new car and prefer something that works for them and their pocket.

Conveyance charges

Every once in a while, the cost of public transport increases and it comes to a point where it becomes equally or more expensive to travel in public transportation than travelling in your own car. It is at this time that people start to look out for good offers and used cars in good condition so that they can buy them.

Keep a check on the prices so you can sell your car in season and get the best buyer and the best deal!

Tax season 

The best time to sell car yet, is the tax season when the refunds come in prompting a third of Americans to direct the funds towards an automotive purchase (based on a survey). Making a down payment for a new car or upgrading an existing vehicle might be on the cards with some extra money coming-in from the IRS. This certainly results in a significant rise in the demand for used cars. If you’re looking to sell a car, tax season is a good time to do that.

We hope these tips help and give you an idea of when it is the best time to sell your car.