Under The Hood

Getting Technical: Things you need to know when you want to sell used car

You’ve probably already made up your mind about car selling, but before you let go of it, there might be things left to discover so you could get more by selling used car, considering the additional features your car has! Despite owning cars for years, most of us don’t know enough about certain features, which could potentially raise the value of a car. Let’s take a low-down about all the technical things in your car:

1. The Anti-Lock Braking System

This safety system prevents the car from skidding if and when the driver applies sudden brakes. This system ensure that the wheels of the car are in proper contact with the road and do not halt suddenly, ceasing rotation and giving way to skidding. When the driver applies brakes, ABS facilitates a progressive halt which reduces damage to the car system and prevents the car from locking.

2. The Electronic Brake Distribution System

Since brakes are one of the most important functions of a car, there is much technological advancement that has been brought to them, to enable safety of those using the car. The EDB maintains vehicular control in emergency situations. EDB applies more or less braking pressure to the individual wheels in order to maximize the halt.

When sudden brakes are applied, naturally the front wheels of the car are under the most pressure. EDB distributes the pressure so that there is lesser chance of overturning.

3. The Engine Control Unit

The ECU is like the brain of the car. It is made up of many small but significant parts that get the car running. When you rev up the engine, it is usually the ECU that gives you the adrenaline rush.

4. The Airbags

Now, we’ve all heard of this one, but we don’t fully understand it. One of the most important safety systems in a car, these bags inflate when the car experiences extreme pressure in order to save those inside from fatal injuries. There are the bags, their sensors and the inflation system. When a collision force is detected, the sensor immediately inflates the bags using hot nitrogen gas.

5. The Electronic Stability Program

While cornering a vehicle, the ESP automatically applies brakes so that the vehicle can stay in its general direction and so over-steering and under-steering can be corrected to a certain degree. It helps in minimizing the loss of vehicular control in such instances.

These are just some of the wondrous things that you need to know before you buy or sell used cars. Always make sure that you take a good look at all these features so you know.