Swap Value

Bringing the value back to where it belongs... YOU

More Value to You
  • Now sell cars online at SwapMotors.com, at your own time and without you leaving the house.
  • We connect you to the end dealers directly, cutting out all the middlemen, to offer you more value.
  • Our team conducts an onsite multi-point inspection, takes high definition photos and videos and allows 100s of dealers to fight for your car through a bidding process.
Here’s what happens today when multiple middlemen are involved:
Trade-in Dealer Offers a low-ball price for your car, sells it to a wholesaler and takes a cut.
Wholesaler Buys the car from the trade-in dealer, puts it into an auction and takes a cut.
Auctioneer Conducts a bidding process and charges both a fee to the wholesaler to sell the car and end dealer to buy the car.
End Dealer Ends up buying the car with the highest bid and pays the auctioneer a fee.
The End Result

As you can see, the value of your car gets dissected and distributed across multiple middlemen, forcing the initial trade-in dealer to give you such a low-ball price. With Swap Motors, we take out all the middlemen and give you access directly to 100s of end dealers. This means that the money that is being taken by the trade-in dealer, wholesaler and auctioneer today can now be given back to YOU and the end dealer. This results in you getting more for your car.