Under The Hood

Where does the value of your used car go when you trade it in?

Many people are of the opinion that it is difficult to sell used cars. While the process may seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be the hassle most people make it out to be. Today with the advent and advancement of technology and the internet, nothing has to be too complicated. 

The traditional way to sell cars involves many middlemen. The most common method car owners would choose when they want to sell car is to trade-in their used cars. Trade-in dealers would always end up making a huge profit because of two things: 1. they would make a low-ball offer to the car owners; 2. resell used cars to a wholesaler at a much higher rate.

Wholesalers do the same and take a cut from the trade-ins. They then auction the car. Needless to say, the highest bidder takes the car and the wholesaler makes a huge profit out of the entire deal.

Which means, the end dealer pays a hefty price for the same car, which you traded-in for a significantly lower price. And resells it for profit after a bit of TLC. That’s where the value of your car goes when you try to sell it. From you to an end dealer, the dollar value of the same car has increased.

What would happen if there were no middlemen?

‘How to sell car?” Simple, you sell used car to an end dealer directly. You get the best price your car deserves, end dealer gets to buy the car directly from you. And when you combine better price with convenience and zero hassle, you’re getting the best value you can.

Thankfully today, selling cars online is no big deal and much less of a hassle. With no middlemen, you can be sure of the price you get when selling your used car.

To learn how to sell used car, all you have to do, is a little bit of prep.

Get rid of the middlemen

Start off by getting your car evaluated. Swap Motors is an online car selling platform where you can register your car information and see an instant evaluation if you want to sell used car. After you agree to the price, you schedule a door-step inspection and have a certified-mechanic visit you at home, take professional photos and video of your car. Your car would then be listed for auction to 100s of end dealers. All of this, without having to ever leave the house.

The value of a used car is brought back to you.